hisVape meets proVape

Short blogpost from our visit at Provape in Monroe (WA), USA.

On July the 29th we vistied proVape as part of our businesstrip. In the morning we met David (CEO) and we talked a lot about the market situation, new developments on the market and a lot more.

After that David showed us the production line of proVape and told us how it came to proVape and proVari.

David is a vaper for more than 4 years and he disliked the quality of the ecigarettes he was using. David's father did work in AeroSpace for over 35 years working on many projects for the Military, NASA, and BOEING as a electronics engineer and the worked out together what could and should be improved.

Out of this brainstorming came in the end the proVari (and other mods) a 6 layer motherboard completly produced in Seattle as every other part of the Provari. Not cheap parts from oversea, but quality.

It was shown to us in the production and assembly line, proVape works with around 34 people where everyone has its own working area for just a single part on the provari. Everything is produced and assembled here. We saw over 8 Qualitychecks and 2 more before the proVari leaves proVape.

I may sound a bit heavy this many qualitychecks, but David told us, this is the only way to produce a high-end quality device, we believe he is right! What we saw was incredible, detailed work on the most modern electronic working spaces.

It does not matter what, from the entrance of the tubes, the polishing of the window or the testing of the motherboards, everything is on the most highest level and all done by hand.

I asked David why he does not publish this production line on internet, because it would show to everyone how many work is in one single device and that the prices for the proVari are absolute correct. David told us that they have
special tricks and that he does not want to show them to the copycats from oversea. In the end the proVari is beeing copied a lot, but no one reached the quality.

We can understand that they are thinking this way.

For us was this visit, besides to the fact that we as an official dealer were interested to personalize our business-ship, again another statement that proVape makes the best devices on the market, which are in the market for an absolute fair price.

With even more pleasure and dedication we will sell proVape products in our shop. We are sure that proVape will have some surprises for the future.

Also we can tell you that the proVari will be in the market (as it is) for a long long time.

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