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About VAPE GmbH

Since the founding of VAPE GmbH in July 2011 as one of the first online shops with liquid manufactury in Germany the company has developed into a professional production laboratory for bases und liquids for e cigarettes.

Greatest importance was attached to the quality of our raw ingredients due to the profession of one of our shareholders (he is a practical pharmacist). We only use basic materials of pharmacopoeia quality to guarantee certified quality.

The excellently equipped laboratory with accurate measurement technology, combined with appropiate software enables us to perform constant and high quality. Our filling machine ensures quick order processing while the whole production process is done under cleanroom conditions. [Klick] (http://www.hisvape.info)

In the online shop you will also find hardware for vaping (ecigarettes and spare parts) in order to offer a wide range of vaping articles to the end-customer. This division has proved to evolve rapidly, creating almost weekly new atomizing systems. We only offer latest systems that have been tested by us.

First class support via email is standard business practice. Thus for example email inquiries will be replied really promptly.

Our aim

We hope a lot of smokers manage to switch to vaping and it almost does not matter which hardware they use. If you have found your favourite liquid, vaping tastes better than smoking, saves costs and makes life more comfortable and healthy without giving up the habitus of smoking and consuming nicotin.

We are glad we quitted smoking with the use of e cigarettes since April 2011 and we are convinced that vaping is an unstoppable success story despite politics and media FUD-strategy (Wikipedia fear, uncertainty and doubt). When vaping will have replaced smoking completely we will be happy and proud to have contributed our part.

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